One Billion Faces

One Billion Faces

by Mario Barbatti

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The Grinch’s Trial

“Will the accusation call their next witness?” demanded the judge, from his high tribune.

      “Yes, your Honor,” answered the prosecutor, a round, old woman, wearing a white makeup over her face, contrasting with her red cheeks. “The accusation calls the defendant, the Grinch, to the bench,” she added dramatically, between pointing at the thin, tall figure, covered in green fur, and adjusting her too large attorney’s wig, which insisted on slipping in her head.

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The American’s Pen and the Soviet’s Pencil

“Mme. Secretary, thank you for seeing me” the old, full-bearded man advanced into the office, extending his hand offering a warm handshake.

      “Prof. Weisman, what can I do for you?” asked the forty-something-years-old lady with an executive outfit, indicating a seat and showing she wanted to move straight to business.

      “Mme. Secretary, you may guess that I’m here to discuss the new budget your administration is drafting,” Weisman answered, also going directly to the topic. “My colleagues and I are troubled that the financing of the basic research chairs will be deeply affected under the new rules.”

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Contemplating our place in the universe

García Márquez and Arthur C. Clarke meet for coffee. “One Billion Faces” brings to life the unexpected entanglement of fantastic realism and hard science fiction.

In a collection of seven short and ten flash stories, Mario Barbatti invited us to contemplate the extremes of the human condition. Either delving into the psychology of some of the founding myths of the western culture or speculating about our place in the universe on unthinkable time scales, “One Billion Faces” is a profound imagination journey.

The amazements and frights of the near future, the superation of all human limits within thousands of years, the wonders of our descendants millions of years from now, the reemergence of life after all stars are burnt, these are some of the themes carefully crafted into the absorbing stories of this book.

About the author

Cosmopolitan defines Mario Barbatti. Don’t let the Italian-sounding name deceives you. Born and bred in Brazil, in the last sixteen years, he has lived and worked in Austria, Germany, and France.

Mario Barbatti is a renowned scientist. He earned a Ph.D. in physics in 2001, and since 2015, he is a professor of theoretical chemistry at the University of Aix Marseille in France. In 2019, he was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant, the most prestigious research funding in the European Union.

“One Billion Faces” is Barbatti’s first incursion in the fictional realm.


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One Billion Faces” is available in paperback and in digital formats for the main e-reader platforms:

One Billion Faces” is also available at LuluBarnes & Noble Nook, and many other stores.

Table of contents

Short Stories

  • The Ghosts
  • Future Canvas
  • The Last Digit of Infinity
  • Parables of the Men
  • With Love, Human
  • Abram and Sarai
  • The Grinch’s Trial

The Bibelots on the Shelf – Flash Stories

  • One Billion Faces
  • To Live Is Too Dangerous
  • When Icarus Flew Over the Hidden Side of the Moon
  • The Time of My Selfish Altruism
  • The American’s Pen and the Soviet’s Pencil
  • The History of My Deaths
  • The Statistician’s Love Life
  • The End and the Life
  • The Borderless Truth
  • The Parable of the Ant

Meet the author

To know more about Mario Barbatti, visit You can also meet him on Twitter (@MarioBarbatti) or on Facebook (

Copyright One Billion Faces – All rights reserved

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